The naming ceremony is all about introducing a new person to the world, honouring their existence, giving them their name, making wishes for their life, making promises to care for them and to help them to grow into their true selves, electing a sponsor or mentor to look out for their welfare and creating a happy memory involving the child for everyone to cherish. 

Rose Petal Ceremony– This is where each person takes a petal, makes a wish or blessing or good intention for the baby and then places it in a water bowl. The water in this bowl now carries the essence of these rose petals and it is also imbibed with all the positive thoughts and heartfelt messages. The baby’s head and heart is now anointed with the Rose Petal water. In this act we are bestowing upon the baby symbolically all of the good will and tributes and we welcome the baby to the family and community.

Mary - Celebrant


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